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Carnival of the Geospatialists #5 - Musings and Down-Right Cool Things
Hello Geo tech Professional... Welcome to another awesome Geo Tech news roundup. Some interesting things to share today, to begin, how cool would it be if you were a startup and President Obama took your idea for a test drive? Well, that's exactly what happened in Boulder a few days a go as the young developers at Sphero managed to get their app in his hands... kudos to them! Check out the video here and you can read more about it on their blog - this mobile controlled shperical robot also has an SDK so app developers can also get busy creating cool apps to run on it... awesome! Moving on, how about something totaly crazy? Recall I'm up on Vancouver Island in Canada. Well, recently all the rage up here has been about a local amateur photog who was walking around a popular waterfront spot and managed to score some amazing pics... actually, she photographed a scene that likely has never been seen before! The woman stood, watched, and snapped away as a giant octopus grabbed and devoured a seagull! Yes indeed, I'm not kidding you. The local media and the locals are all buzzing about this one as you can imagine and for all of us it's a good lesson - always have a camera with you! View the story and photos here on the popular birding blog BirdFellow - wow! Finally, how about a Geo Tech story? Our friend Peter Batty has been very busy lately as usual, however, he's managed to pen a blog post while in between travel gigs. Be sure to run over to Peter's Geothought blog and see Peter's take on how he views the GIS/Geo tech industry 5-10 years down the road, he has some interesting comments.

Some recent of the updates and tech tips I've shared with the community via the AnyGeo ( this week - hopefully you've been checking the blog periodically... An interesting 3D visualization app, DataAppeal - 3D and animated maps on google earth platform; Video - Take 3D Photo Tours in Google Maps - You can now access photo tours which stitch together user contributed photos from around the world to give you a 3D photo scene of a place; For You Outdoor Enthusiasts... Duraflame Campfire Logs - now you can cook out while in the wild on your next field work trip; Video - Nautical Maps, OpenStreetMap and tools to make better maps. Finally, I encourage you to check out the career center as there's been a number of new job opportunities listed. Companies looking for talent?? Come on, give it a try and post your job opportunity with us... you won't be disappointed! Have a great week to all and be sure to follow us on Twitter @GISuser.

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Sensor Applications for a Smarter World and The Internet of Things = Opportunity - Sensors. indeed we are all sensors these days, all walking about the World, constantly connected, constantly gathering data and streaming. Interesting to read that reports show that there are now an estimated 50 billion devices that will be connected to the Internet by 2012. wow!

Tips, Tricks, OpenData, and Resources for Mobile App Developers - Hackday events are becoming quite common, many local government agencies embracing the format and opening the doors, and their data vaults, to local developers, hackers, and those simply looking to mashup some data. Read on for Tips, Open Data sources, Developer Tools, Mobile Dev resources and more!

DataAppeal - 3D and animated maps on google earth platform - Here's a tip off about an interesting solution for you Google Earth fanatics - DataAppeal. According to the developers, DataAppeal uses art and design to create alluring maps and images via a free, simple to use UI. The application has just received an update with some new functionality including: the option of layering multiple maps to quickly compare different data sets.

Intergraph Announces ERDAS IMAGINE 11.0.5 Now Available - ERDAS IMAGINE enables users to easily create value-added products such as 2D and 3D images, 3D flythrough movies and cartographic-quality map compositions from geospatial data. Product enhancements include more Live Link connections with GeoMedia

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Carnival Of The Geospatialists #5 - Musings and Down-Right Cool Things Shared by the Geo Faithful - I know, it's been some time since I last penned one of these! That doesn't mean there hasn't been anything to share, rather, it's more like there's been too much to sift through! And so, in familiar fashion, here's some of the cool, unusual, quirky, and awesome these from the geospatial community recently...

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Microsoft HTML5 DevCamp, Denver - Here's details of an interesting event coming to Denver, CO on May 18, particularly for those interested in the hot topic of HTML5 . About the event. The HTML5 Web Camp is an opportunity to connect with designers and developers and show you what's possible, and how you can start using it today.

The Location Business Summit Europe 2012 - The 3rd annual Location Business Summit Europe is the biggest meeting place for hands on knowledge and networking within the mobile and location industry. Following our blockbuster events in Silicon Valley and Amsterdam last year, the biggest and best companies in the community will come together at the most influential LBS focused summit in the world. Save the date - May 22-23, 2012, Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel, Amsterdam

Video - Hexagon Conference Sights and Sounds - Ever wondered what it's like attending a Hexagon conference? This year's Think Forward 2012 Hexagon conference is scheduled to take place June 4-7 in Las Vegas and will host thousands of professionals that use solutions from ERDAS, Intergraph, and Leica Geosystems, all under one roof.

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GIS Analyst - Sacramento, CA - ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI) partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional services and technology solutions. Our Environment and Planning division provides a range of consulting services in environmental analysis and compliance (e.g., NEPA), land use planning, transmission planning, public affairs, permitting (e.g., renewable energy) and other emerging market sectors.

Corporate GIS Manager - The Corporate GIS Manager for the Bureau of Technology Services manages the technical team that builds and operates the City's Enterprise GIS. This position will use their experience working with enterprise GIS products, including those from ESRI.

Software Systems Engineer, Maponics (VT) - The Software Systems Engineer is responsible for design and development activities at a systems level and for crafting software that is well written, functional, efficient, and clearly documented while exceeding the stated requirements.

Spatial Analyst (VT) - This position is responsible for the creation and management of spatial databases in support of emerging Maponics product lines in a rapid prototyping, fast-paced environment. As part of the Product Development team, you will be required to wear many hats and your projects and duties will shift frequently.

Lead GIS Developer - General Dynamics IT has an opening for a Lead GIS Developer in New Orleans, LA. Expert-level GIS web application developer with proven experience in project management of web-based application initiatives.

Career Hunting Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions - Finding a job can be a daunting task but it doesn't have to be. Many are turning to social media, in particular Twitter, to help score a new gig. Here's some helpful social media job hunting resources, a few tips, and some simple ideas that could help.

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Get into Google+ - From personalized search results to instant photo uploads, you will soon see the value of Google+ even beyond its main benefit: sharing and discovering content that you are interested in. Being familiar with Google+ and how it works is a good idea - and not just for your online social life.

Java Essential Training - The course demonstrates how to install both Java and the Eclipse IDE and dives into the particulars of programming. The course also explains the fundamentals of Java, from creating simple variables, assigning values, and declaring methods to working with strings, arrays, and subclasses; reading and writing to text files; and implementing object oriented programming concepts. Exercise files are included with the course.

These Are The Droids You're Looking For: An Android Guide: - Currently Android is the most common mobile operating system--and there's no sign that its popularity will wane anytime soon. If you're reading this guide, it's likely because you have an Android device. This 23 page guide will go over Android's history and the different versions on the market.

Historical Map Collection Lewis and Clark's Track, 1814 - A map of Lewis and Clark's track across the western portion of North America, from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean : by order of the executive of the United States in 1804, 5 & 6 / copied by Samuel Lewis from the original drawing of Wm. Clark; 19x40. This map is 40 inches long by 19 inches high!


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