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Hello Geo tech Professional... Welcome to a special GISuser Leap Day "Features" Edition of our e-newseletter. We'd like to take this opportunity to share with you a number of the most recent original features articles, spotlights, and expert contributions that have hit over the past 2 weeks. With GISuser being updated with new content 7 days a week and almost 24/7 we realize that it is easy to miss something that could be very interesting to you or applicable to your daily workflows. So, to keep you up to speed, here's a brief recap of some of the most popular features that we've featured recently. Note, if you or your company has a feature story, application spotlight, product review, or something downright cool to share with us, please do feel free to contact me, Glenn, at any time (email editor @ or via Twitter @gletham. Note, if social is your thing you can also locate me on LinkedIn - see also our awesome GISuser LinkedIn networking Group of more than 19,000 professionals - or readch out to me via our popular GISuser facebook page found at Check out the blog ( today for some details of new functionality coming to the facebook page next week! Finally, you've likely heard about Pinterest and all the hype surrounding it lately. Well, we jumped on that a while ago and you'll be glad to know that I'm now sharing periodic GeoTech goodies on Pinterest - maybe details of your next news will hit this cool resource in the near future! I hope you enjuoy the features and find some interesting reading below - Have a great week!

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GeoMedia is a powerful GIS package that enables you to realize the maximum value of your geospatial resources. ERDAS IMAGINE incorporates geospatial image processing and analysis and remote sensing capabilities in one package. Now connected,users can leverage these two together, integrating imagery and terrain datafrom ERDAS IMAGINE for critical GIS and CAD updates, along with GeoMedia's comprehensive toolset for your GIS resources

HTML5 - Making things that we already do much easier - Like many of you, the topic of HTML5 is on my mind and rightfully so - when you hear statements like HTML is likely the future of Geo web programming you pause and take notice! Read on for a recap of a recent ArcGIS + HTML5 webinar.

Opportunity for Mobile Developers - The AT&T Mobile App Hackathon - An interesting event for mobile developers, geo mashup artists and others that are interested in a cool challenge - the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon - scheduled to take place the week-end of March 23-24 in San Diego.

Expert Feature - Mobile and the New GIS Revolution - The GIS industry and Web maps are on the verge of a revolution. Mobile is that revolution. Strong statements, but tracing the history; GIS applications first migrated from the desktop to the Web.

Nokia CEO Elop at MWC - The Road ahead, Nokia Location Services, asks Who, What, Where? -On Tuesday Feb 28, Nokia hosted a special PR event live from Barcelona Spain at MWC 2012. The event was also live streamed (and archived) online for those of us not in attendance. On stage was Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and his top aides to discuss new devices, strategy, and Nokia Location Services and maps.

Hackday - Tips, Tricks, OpenData sources, and Developer Resources for Mobile Application Developers - Hackday events are becoming quite common, many local government agencies embracing the format and opening the doors, and their data vaults, to local developers, hackers, and those simply looking to mashup some data.

How to Find Government Contracts and Business Opportunities - There are many opportunities for substantial contracts with the US Government. However, finding your way through all the Govt. websites and learning some of the unique Govt. nomenclature can be a time-consuming task.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Press Release Doesn't Suck - Ok, you have some news, BIG news... now what? Well, if you have a PR or marketing person or department then no doubt you'll be sending out a press release. The following are 5 tips for a better press release, some useful tips from experts, and some related "how to" tools., Crowd Sourcing Crime reports and a Citizen Warning System on the Map - Here's the idea. using the service (See the user located a place on a map and reports details of a violent crime that took place, perhaps a mugging, or some other crime or act of violence. The user then tags the post as an appeal for a witness, a simple warning to others, or to thank passers by for helping out. there's also an option to report the crime to local police

Using Social Media and Twitter To Land The Perfect Job - Tips, Tricks, Trends and a Happy Ending - Like many of you, I'm sure you're astounded by the number of your contacts, friends, and associates that have changed jobs recently. I receive regular updates via my LinkedIn service that tells me just how many of my contacts have changed their job and the number blows my mind! Finding a job is challenging indeed, however, more and more folks are turning to Twitter for that edge.

Expert Feature - Creativity Not Just For Cartographers: Geo Analysts Need It Too - What do GIS analysis and creativity have in common? Quite a lot, actually. While it may seem that geo analytical work is solely a left-brained affair and thus the opposite of creativity, there are, in fact, many ways in which creativity is fundamental to geo analysis. Thanks to Gretchen Peterson for this fine contribution.

10 More Twitter add Ons For the Business User - Sure Twitter is cool... but what about making it even cooler and more useful? Here's a small sampling of just 10 add-ons apps that can make your Twitter experience even more productive for your business

Carnival Of The Geospatialists 4 - Once again another wander around the web and some cool Geo Musings to share in an edition of the Carnival of the GeoSpatialists... cool, fun things from the GeoGeek Community - Enjoy!

Esri Federal Conference Day 1 - Favorite Tweets and Tips How To Follow the Event - It's no simple task monitoring all the tweets from the Esri Federal Conference but we can try! The following are just a few of the very interesting tweets I picked up on from Day 1 of the #EsriFedCon - Enjoy

2011 Salary Survey of GIS Professionals and How We Stack Up Against Others in Our Occupation - I think we can all agree that we live in challenging economic times to say the least! As GIS professionals we are subject to the same budget cutbacks, restrictions, and decreased revenue sources as everyone else.

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The Mesa Rugged Notepad is the first of its kind, featuring the advantages of both a tablet PC and a rugged handheld computer, without the disadvantages of either. The Mesa Geo 3G includes integrated GPS, a 3.2MP camera, and an AT&T network-approved 3G data modem for excellent real-time wireless connectivity. Demo a Mesa Rugged Notepad today!

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Featured Listing SuperGeo - SuperGeo software and applications have been spread over the world to be the backbone of the world's mapping and spatial analysis, providing geospatial users with complete GIS solutions for desktop, mobile, server, and Internet platforms.

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The University of Denver's college of professional and continuing studies, University College, and the Department of Geography are partnering to offer a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science delivered online for working adults. This online Master's Degree in Geographic Information Sciences recognizes the emerging importance of geographic information science and the importance of integrating advanced study in geographic information systems, remote sensing, and global positioning systems with traditional studies in human, cultural, and physical geography.

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Each day in this section we'll update you about Geospatial conferences, training, seminars, webinars, and relevant events. Feel free to make a suggestion for future consideration and be sure to see our Events Calendar.

Hexagon 2012 - Think Forward at the annual event, June 4-7, 2012, Las Vegas, NV

Announcing The 2012 Esri #DevMeetup Schedule - Some news for developers interested in meeting other Esri developers or perhaps looking for a stage where they can present a lightning talk to other GeoGeek in their local tech community.

Where2.0 - where the people working on and using location technologies come together to explore best practices and emerging trends in software development, tools, business strategies, and marketing. April 2-4, 20112, San Francisco, CA.

Esri Developer Summit - The Esri Developer Summit (DevSummit) brings together developers and GIS professionals from all over the globe. March 26-29, 2012 in Palm Springs, CA. The DevSummit features user presentations detailing GIS success stories, technical sessions on hot topics and new software functionality, and one-on-one advice from Esri development staff.

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Especially designed for Android mobile devices, SuperSurv 3 is a mobile GIS application integrating with GIS and GPS technologies for field users who demand for cost-effective and effortless spatial data collection. With SuperSurv 3, you can complete efficient data collection, GPS position, map display, query, measure, and waypoint guidance tasks. Learn more on

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