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2012 Esri DevSummit - March 26-29, 2012
Hello Geo tech Professional... Welcome again to our twice weekly Geo news roundup and the first drop of the winter - FYI, this first official day of winter (for us here in the North) is roughly 1 second longer (in daylight) than yesterday, tomorrow we get 10 more seconds etc... I hope this is a little warming for those of you that leave for work in the dark and return in the evening sans daylight as well! Moving on, a quick moment to thank those of you who follow us and contribute to the growing social communties that we've enjoyed over the past year. These social media resources have been a valuable source of content for us as well as a fantastic resource where we've been able to extend our reach in sharing the coolest stories, articles and more from our websites. The social layer has also been a valuable resource for complementing our efforts in promoting our friends, sponsors, partners, authors, and advertisers... indeed 2011 has been a fine year for the Social Layer. FYI, as of today, our GISuser Twitter stream now enjoys 7,212 followers, our fabulous community group page on LinkedIn has swell to a whopping 16,359 members and continues to be a fine, open resource for discussion; a GISuser facebook page is steaming along with about 2,326 Likes and is also a fine resource to share your news, tips or other GIS community tidbits. My Youtube channel has shared over 500,000 video views to the community and my Flickr Page which I've maintained for several years to share photos captured from around the World has thousands of photos and has also enjoyed hundreds of thousands of views and shares. I hope you enjoy these supporting resources and thanks for your encouragement and support as we've put plenty of effort into maintaining and growing them. In addition to loads of effort, nursing these resources to life has been loads of fun! Finally, if you haven't already done so, I encourage you to also check out our "sister" technology resources, all of them having their own special focus that often does touch on some great Geo tech topics and stories of interest. See our Amerisurv (land surveying and mapping), LBSzone (mobile/LBS), LiDARnews (LiDAR and Laser Scanning), and MachineControlOnline (3D GPS and machine control) - links to all found HERE

From Glenn's AnyGeo Blog... Here's just a quick smattering of some of the latest updates to the blog (; Living Social Wants To Know Are You Hungry? You Could be Their next Intern At Hungry Academy - a great opportunity for a tech internship; Nokia Lumia 710 Comes to USA on T-Mobile - the first Nokia Windows phone. Finally, One of Our Own Shares a Poem and Video For His Bonnie - I wanted to share with our readers a touching story that touched us all here at Spatial Media as one of our own (Randy Noland) recently and tragically suffered a loss in his family. Randy, his wife Bobbee, and daughter Betsy had to say farewell to their infant daughter. All of us at Spatial Media have been touched and are deeply hurt by the loss the Noland family has endured over this holiday season, our hearts go out to them.

On a personal note, thanks again for your attention, your support and your feedback over the year. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy holidays and very best wishes for a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season... Cheers!

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Some Favorite Mobile, Social Location Articles from 2011 - Most of our articles only hang out on the front page for several days and then slowly start working back into the archives. These resources should provide to be useful and of interest to anyone into mobile app development and interested in mobile social location.

Living Social Wants To Know Are You Hungry? You Could be Their next Intern At Hungry Academy - Here's a very cool opportunity I learned about in a tip from Kate Chapman, The Hungry Academy. What an amazing idea, to have people compete for an internship! In a nutshell. The Hungry Academy is an intensive program that will put you in a position to join our engineering team. It's an exclusive program for two dozen dedicated people who want to build amazing products.

Event of Interest, WhereCampTB + IgniteSpatial Feb 10-11, Tampa, FL - There's no doubt that the GeoGeek crowd has become big fans of the Ignite and the WhereCamp format of unconferences. with that, I'm pleased to share details of an event of interest coming up for Geeks in the SouthEast - enter WhereCamptb + Ignite Spatial. The organizers has set in the works plans for an Ignite Spatial on Friday evening, Feb 10, 2012 in Tampa, Florida followed up by a WhereCamp unconfrence the following day, Feb 11.

SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3 Enhances Spatial Modeling and Analysis - Designed for deriving information from geo-applications, the newly developed SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3 provides users with various analysis methods such as geographic attributes and geometry relationship.

The Really Big List of Mapping, Geo location Mobile developer resources, APIs and Tools - The Mobile Ecosystem... no question that mobile is huge and the opportunity for developers, in particular, geo developers! There's loads of developer resources on the web so to help the developer, here's a listing of just some of the fine dev resources, blogs, toolsets and more to consider when developing or porting your app to a smartphone or Tablet

@gletham Social Tips... Here's a clever cloud service that integrates nicely with LinkedIn. By starting the signup process with LinkedIn, Cardcloud generates an online business card containing the information visible on a LinkedIn profile. Information like the user's name, job title and even Twitter profile are integrated with the card within a few seconds. After signing up, users can customize their online business card with a profile picture and company logo. Want More? Check out this growing directory of tools. FYI, you can now Circle GISuser on Google+ - Find us HERE.

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Learn more about the University of Denver's Master of Science in Geographic Information Science
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Featured Listing Skygone - Skygone's depth and experience with geospatial technology, cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), virtualization, green technologies and data center consolidation services has made Skygone a go-to service provider for commercial and government customers around the globe.

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We follow the Geo Twitter-sphere very closely... the following are just a few of the tweets we've "faved" in the past several days... please follow us @GISuser and/or @gletham - see all the Faves HERE
  • @techvibes See News Break All Over the World in Real-Time on This Live Map
  • @neilljobe Map made of computer scraps Beautimous!
  • @skipcody Updated Terms of Use prevent using Bing Maps with 3rd party road layer #maps #gis #geolocation
  • @daeaves Another really nice map of bike accident using ICBC data by @AnthonyNSmith #opendata
  • @iageokid new @nasa sat gets awesome visible IR imagery of Earth!
  • @twbell Dear Congress, It's No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works
More news - / SymbianOne / / / 3DMachineControl
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MapInfo Professional® is a powerful Microsoft® Windows®-based mapping and geographic analysis application from the experts in location intelligence. Designed to easily visualize the relationships between data and geography, MapInfo Professional helps business analysts, planners, GIS professionals - even non-GIS users - gain new insights into their markets, share information-rich maps and graphs and improve strategic decision-making.

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Each day in this section we'll update you about Geospatial conferences, training, seminars, webinars, and relevant events. Feel free to make a suggestion for future consideration and be sure to see our Events Calendar. A Tip... Are you a on LinkedIn? If so then consider connecting with over 10,000 other GIS professionals via our GISuser LinkedIn Group and see also our facebook Page!

Esri Developer Summit - The Esri Developer Summit (DevSummit) brings together developers and GIS professionals from all over the globe. March 26-29, 2012 in Palm Springs, CA. The DevSummit features user presentations detailing GIS success stories, technical sessions on hot topics and new software functionality, and one-on-one advice from Esri development staff.

WhereCampTB + IgniteSpatial Feb 10-11, Tampa, FL - There's no doubt that the GeoGeek crowd has become big fans of the Ignite and the WhereCamp format of unconferences. with that, I'm pleased to share details of an event of interest coming up for Geeks in the SouthEast - enter WhereCamptb + Ignite Spatial. The organizers has set in the works plans for an Ignite Spatial on Friday evening, Feb 10, 2012 in Tampa, Florida followed up by a WhereCamp unconfrence the following day, Feb 11.

Summer Program In Data Analysis (SPIDA): May 24th - June 1st, 2012 - The DEADLINE for applications is February 6th, 2012. Because of high demand and the limited space available in the Program, it is necessary to select among applicants. Selection will be based on applicants' previous experience in data analysis, as well as their statements of interest, but an effort will be made to represent all geographic regions and social science research interests.

Android Open Starts Call for Proposals - happening April 5-6, 2012 in San Francisco, zeroes in on the technical side of Android. While our fall event is for the entire Android ecosystem (development, business, and marketing), this spring event is a more focused technical conference for developers.

View news about future events and webinars HERE
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HOT JOB Web Applications Developer, Esri - Use your talent with web development to help us implement web mapping components with our clients? applications. This position offers a diverse range of responsibilities that affect real-world decisions for multiple industries, governments, and organizations.

HOT JOB Senior Sales Representative (Geospatial) - The Geospatial Software Sales Representatives positions require experienced sales personnel focused upon targeted sales efforts and customer relationship management for new and established Commercial, State and Local Government accounts within their respective multi-state territory geographies.

HOT JOB Business Development Manager - Professional Services - Be a key driver for growth on our Professional Services team in support of our enterprise customers throughout the lifecycle of their GIS implementation. This is a unique opportunity to apply your domain knowledge and sales/marketing experience across a variety of markets.

HOT JOB Junior Research Analyst-Geospatial Analytics - The Junior Research Analyst for the Geospatial Analytics research team provides high quality problem solving and analysis for McKinsey consultants, contributes to expanding the Geospatial Analytics team?s capabilities, and participates in NAKC training and knowledge sharing.

HOT JOB Pilots (Woolpert) - Woolpert, Inc., a national, Design, Geospatial and Infrastructure services firm, is seeking an experienced, FAA certified pilot for its aerial flight operations in Dayton, Ohio or Atlanta, Georgia. Responsibilities include operating Commander 690 and/or Cessna twin engine piston aircraft carrying crews and equipment, flight planning, coordinating with ATC and ground support personnel and (if qualified and necessary) performing light aircraft maintenance.

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We maintain the fun, educational, and informative tech blog AnyGeo - Anything geospatial. Look for tips, tricks, and commentary about GIS, Geo, mobile, social, and basically, anything geospatial!

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MAPublisher® LabelPro™ offers advanced cartographic labeling for Adobe Illustrator. It includes a sophisticated and user-friendly, rule-based and collision-free placement engine that solves many common map labeling problems such as complex conflict resolution across multiple layers. Use custom rules and styles for labeling for a great level of flexibility and control.

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The following resources and information leads have been recently posted to the Spatial Media properties:
Did-U-Know you can connect with more than 16,000+ other GIS professionals via LinkedIn via our popular GIS Professionals Group - Also, connect with 2500 others via the GISuser facebook page.

Make Social Networking Work for You - The rise of social networking at the professional level is a clear indication that companies of all sizes and in all industries need faster and more effective ways to communicate--internally as well as to customers, vendors, and other partners.

Practical Social Media Tools - Over 70 tools you can use today to take your social media program to new heights. The Social Media Tools Guide is a comprehensive list of social media marketing tools that they recommend for organizations considering social media management responsibilities.

Wrap up a Historic Map For The Holidays - Here's a cool holiday gift idea from the gang at Amerisurv. historic maps! These are ideal for the map lover, for the boss, or for the living room. yes, I have one of these (a sweet State of Florida map) hanging in my living room! Printed on acid free paper and they have a genuine classic look and feel and they get loads of comments. These are also a great way to dress up a conference booth display or meeting room.


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