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OnTerra Systems Introduces GeoSavvy A Geospatial Data Visualization Development Platform PDF Print E-mail
GIS News - GIS, Geo Tech Software
Written by OnTerra Systems   
01 May 2012

OnTerra Systems Introduces GeoSavvy A Geospatial Data Visualization Development Platform That Generates Invaluable Business Intelligence - New Geospatial Web Mapping Platform From OnTerra Systems Offers Powerful Business Intelligence Mapping Software Tools to Simplify & Speed Development of Map-Based Visualizations of Business Data

DENVER, CO, May 01, 2012 - OnTerra Systems ( www.OnTerraSystems.com ), a technology leader in Web mapping, fleet optimization, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration solutions and services, today introduced GeoSavvy(TM) -- a data visualization software development platform that speeds and simplifies the development of interactive, Web-based maps that unite data from disparate sources into one interactive, Web map. By providing a platform to quickly and easily develop Web-based maps that visually depict business data, GeoSavvy helps businesses and organizations actually see relationships and patterns that would not be evident when data is separate and in text form -- thus helping companies and organizations gain valuable business intelligence insights that can lead to more strategic decision making, increased productivity, and improved profitability.

The GeoSavvy software development platform essentially is an accelerator since its tools are designed to speed the building of solutions which depict strategic business information in a visual form using a Web-based map. Virtually every industry or research operation can benefit from Web mapping because most people gain greater understanding when they can see information vs. reading it in text form.

OnTerra Systems offers GeoSavvy in two forms: 1) As a platform that companies or organizations can purchase so that in-house software and application developers can more quickly develop their own geospatial business intelligence applications for their own company or their clients; and 2) As a platform that OnTerra Systems software and application developers can use to quickly and affordably develop customized Web maps for better business decision-making by companies or organizations that don't have an in-house technical staff with expertise in this area.

Pricing for GeoSavvy begins at $10,000, and is dependent upon the implementation. This is significantly lower than geographical information systems (GIS) and comparable geospatial data visualizations platforms.

Virtually every business or organization can benefit from visualizing their business data in Web maps. However, there are some applications that are particularly appropriate for GeoSavvy:

1) Retail Planning - GeoSavvy can layer demographic information onto maps, coupled with locations of existing retail locations to identify gaps in coverage of store locations, compare store performance relative to customer demographics, and much more. 2) Oil-and-Gas Exploration - GeoSavvy can be configured to provide information on general information such as where drilling operations are located, down to minute detail such as locations of welds on pipelines for tracking accountability and work quality of pipeline builders. 3) Supply Chain & Distribution Planning - GeoSavvy can show concentrations of customers for more efficient delivery of products to wholesalers, distributors, etc. GeoSavvy also can be used to depict potential weather impact on the supply chain, enabling better risk and contingency planning. 4) Sales/Territory Planning - GeoSavvy allows companies to visualize sales performance, territories, customers & prospects. In addition, GeoSavvy can be used for sales call planning, which then can be optimized by integrating with OnTerra's RouteSavvy(TM) route optimization technology. 5) Government Research, Analysis & Policy Development - GeoSavvy can depict a wide variety of data and show it within county and state borders for better planning and development of local, state, and federal policy planning. It easily integrates with ESRI data, a very common GIS deployment within governments. 6) Disaster Risk Assessment - GeoSavvy can accelerate the development of risk assessments for insurance companies by mapping potential paths of destructive storms through populated areas... and much more.

GeoSavvy: Its Powerful Features & Functions Speed Application Development Time and Data Analysis

GeoSavvy offers many features and functions designed to speed the process of developing Web maps that depict business information. Handy features include:

        --  Ability to categorize and color code data
        --  Pushpins, polylines, and polygons with drill-down and drill-through
        --  Rasterization of data and tiling maximizing application performance
        --  "Heat mapping" features which can visually show where concentrations
            of a certain attribute are located
        --  "Thematic mapping" features which allow visualization of data by
            country, state, county, and zip code
        --  Zoom functions that allows business users to zoom in on specific areas
            of a map for a closer view of a pattern
        --  Click-and-drag functionality providing interactive mapping features
        --  Ability to tie into OnTerra's RouteSavvy(TM) -- powerful route
            optimization software that can more efficiently plan routes for sales
            calls and deliveries to save time, labor costs and fuel costs
        --  Web-based and platform-independent (Windows & Mac-compatible)
        --  Support for industry standards (HTML 4/5, JSON, AJAX, etc.)
        --  Works on laptops & mobile devices such as tablets that support
            HTML5 and phones
        --  Friendly, easy-to-use user interface allows non-technical users to
            manipulate data, see new patterns, and gain valuable new business

GeoSavvy Offers Significant Benefits GeoSavvy brings visual display of business intelligence quickly and affordably. Key benefits from using GeoSavvy are:

        --  Faster development and reduced risk in business intelligence
            application development (GeoSavvy reduces application development
            risks because development efforts are based on a powerful, reliable
            Web platform vs. starting to code from scratch)... leading to:
        --  Faster, more strategic decision-making (Faster development of business
            intelligence into more "digestible" Web map form)

"The introduction of GeoSavvy represents a technology breakthrough," said Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems' CEO. "As a platform, it facilitates faster development of map-based depictions of business data, using industry standards with no browser plug-ins, and with unprecedented ease of use."

"GeoSavvy is unique in that it offers powerful features and functions at competitive pricing," noted Ravi Vridhagiri, OnTerra Systems' CTO. "This allows even mid-sized businesses to use GeoSavvy to develop business intelligence applications that can allow them to become more strategic, more profitable, and compete more effectively in challenging economic times."

About OnTerra Systems Founded in 2005, OnTerra Systems is a company of Web mapping experts, programming specialists, and project managers that provide Web mapping services and products, fleet optimization systems and products, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration services and consulting. OnTerra Systems is a long-time Microsoft partner. OnTerra can be reached at: www.OnTerraSystems.com , or 720.836.7201.

OnTerra is a trademark of OnTerra Systems, Inc. GeoSavvy is a trademark of OnTerra Systems, Inc. RouteSavvy is a trademark of OnTerra Systems, Inc.


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