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Mobile Photo Tip - Putting Photos On The Map, GPS Tag your Flickr Photos PDF Print E-mail
Experts - Glenn Letham
Written by glenn   
12 September 2011

Having trouble getting your iPhone mobile photo uploads to automatically GeoTag when uploaded to Flickr? Here's a few tips to help

Here’s a tip for Flickr users who want to share their GPS information with their photos… note, in order to do this you’ll need to be capturing photos using a GPS-enabled or GPS-aware camera (check the smartphone hardware settings on your device to ensure that GPS or location sharing is turned “ON)”. You’ll notice that photos on Flickr can optionally be Geo-Tagged, this will enable you to view the photos on a map or access all your streams Geo Tagged photos from the GeoRSS feed (Flickr provides this to all users – see the very bottom of your Flickr page for a link to it). You can actually view all your stream’s GeoTagged photos on Google maps by copy/pasting the GeoRSS feed url into Google maps or Google Earth – Flickr also provides a handy KML link

To auto Geo Tag your Flickr photo uploads you’ll need to enable this functionality in your Flickr account settings. When logged into Flickr, see  your Account Settings / Privacy & Permissions, and set the “Import EXIF location data” to YES – by default it is set to NO. Once you do so you should be able to see your Geo Tagged photo uploads on the map that is provided. See my Flickr Stream HERE

Note, for privacy/security reasons many Flickr users tend to prefer to manually place their photos on the map. Having a default setting of yes to sharing GPS EXIF data can result in sharing the precise location of photos that you may not wish to publicly share… be careful! As an example, I once noticed a professional photographer who was sharing all the portrait photos he had captured, many of the photos revealed the home location where family photos had been captured…

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...nhance the device. Digital cameras and camcorders are now utilizing NAVTEQ map data and content to enable geotagging and GPS location positioning.  Attendees can interact with cameras from Fujifi...
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19. GIS and Geo Technology Apps for the iPhone and iOS Power and Enterprise User
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... GPS-Photo Link software offers loads of new functionality for photographers who want to map where their geotagged photos were taken, either for business or for fun,” said GeoSpatial Experts Presid...
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Red Hen Empowers War Fighters with New Low-cost Tools to Geotag and Manage Multimedia with DoD's FalconView Mission Planning and Mapping Software FORT COLLINS, Colorado, USA - Red Hen System
01 October 2010

... oil spill in the Gulf have helped decision makers determine where to deploy clean-up crews. These ‘geotagged’ photos are served out via the web to multiple Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) u...
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...at multiple scales and extents. LandScope America also uses ArcGIS Server to make available thousands of geotagged articles, photos, and videos.   ### About Esri Since 1969, Es...
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...one. They can take photos of an issue—such as a downed streetlight or debris blocking a road—and send the geotagged picture directly to the city's 311 system. It's then immediately routed to the appro...
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...ic toobar, fully configurable in the TOC and also provides a quick photo capture complete with options to geotag the image via GPS or tap on the map to position the photo. Elvin Slavik, lead ArcPad de...
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...mation over maps and imagery.  Major new enhancements include the ability to import data from modern geotagging devices and upload geospatial data into a GPS receiver. The new extension also offe...
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...less technology, while the Geo model adds 2-5 meter accuracy GPS and a 3.2MP camera enhanced with Juniper Geotagging™ (the ability to embed and emboss photos with date, time and GPS position). The Geo...
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Rugged, Waterproof Navigation Devices Are Designed to Enable Recording, Geotagging and Sharing of Outdoor Adventures SANTA CLARA, Calif. - July 14, 2010 - Magellan today unveiled the next ge
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34. BAE Systems Announces Two Software Updates
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...). Released in June, GXP Xplorer v1.0 includes capabilities for cataloging, sharing, and delivering geotagged images in NITF, GeoTIFF, and TFRD formats; and indexes text and formats such as Word...
06 July 2010

...ability over the past decade, GPS-Photo Link has emerged as the industry standard solution for mapping ‘geotagged’ photographs. The software has been selected by several camera manufacturers, inclu...
30 June 2010

...ng an issue at a location, such as graffiti at a landmark by point-and-clicking on a map, or submitting a geotagged photo is one method; a public works field worker capturing the locations of assets w...
05 May 2010

...chnology for finding anything written about any place. MetaCarta unique technology combines geosearch and geotagging capabilities allowing users to find content about a location in internal and extern...
09 April 2010

38. The uMapper #Where20 Twitter map
(News/Twitter, Geo Social and Social Media)
...s to visualize tweets about Where2.0 on a map - enter the uMapper Twitter map. A handy way to see all the geotagged tweets about #Where20... nice stuff Andrei! Source: The uMapper blog) ...
30 March 2010

39. Public Health Researchers use Photo Mapping to Analyze Tobacco Ads near Schools
(Articles/Mobile GIS, GPS and Location Services (LBS))
Photo mapping, a process in which geotagged photographs are accurately placed on a digital map, is often used by public health researchers to graphically track the spread of disease within or across a
30 March 2010

...ication that puts the power of news reporting in the hands of citizen journalists and news enthusiasts. Geotagged user-generated news can be shared with the rest of the world in a fast and easy man...
23 March 2010

... The photo-mapping software is often used in conjunction with the Ricoh 500SE camera, which automatically geotags digital photos with location coordinates using an attached GPS module.  &qu...
10 February 2010

...t easier to find and act on location-based information."   MetaCarta will be launching its Geotagger capability for the Red Hat Platform in early 2010, unbundling this component from th...
02 February 2010

43. 10 Awesome GIS and Mapping apps for the iPhone
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... some for fishermen, travelers, property buyers. They also have free extensions (metro maps of the world, geotags, Chicago transportation maps). The app is currently in Beta and can be found in the iT...
27 January 2010

44. Geotagged Photos Facilitate Requests for Federal Aid after Disasters
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...equests for federal assistance following natural disasters. The photo-mapping process, known as geotagging, utilizes GPS-Photo Link software from GeoSpatial Experts and the GPS-enabled Ricoh...
26 January 2010

45. 10 Useful GIS, mapping, and Geospatial resources for Haiti Earthquake Response Effort
(News/GIS and Geospatial Response to Haiti Earthquake)
...olving over the past couple of weeks with a number of updates including the ability to search and display geotagged Twitter Tweets. See http://geoss.esri.com/geoviewer ERDAS has a section on their w...
23 January 2010

46. Geotag and Tweet Your Weather Updates for the National Weather Service
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... tweets are then plotted on a Google map using the tweet's geolocation information, or in cases where the geotag data is not available, an approximation of the reporter's location within the tweet usi...
11 January 2010

..... however, what it does mean is that many other applications will be providing users with the ability to geotag their tweets and provide geo information enabling cool third party functionality. See m...
25 December 2009

...nology for finding anything written about any place. MetaCarta's unique technology combines geosearch and geotagging capabilities allowing users to find content about a location in internal and extern...
14 December 2009

... account and a message is sent to your Twitter to notify your friends. The app is location-aware and will geotag your photo based on your location/and/or a little help from you by selecting a place to...
14 December 2009

Version 4.5 Offers Improved GeoTagging, Indexing, OpenSearch and More CAMBRIDGE, MA-DECEMBER 8, 2009-MetaCarta, Inc., the leading provider of geographic search solutions, today announced the
08 December 2009

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