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Best of GISuser Spotlights 2008 - Part 3 of 4 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Glenn Letham   
26 December 2008

From Q3, 2008 we offer up a recap of GISuser spotlights and news items that got out attention... noteworthy moments included news and features from the 2008 International ESRI User Conference,  the expansion of Earthcam, a feature on LBS apps for iPhone, a look at an exciting Digital Pen Technology from Adaptx, a trip to Oce Chicago's HQ to see the ColorWave 600, a trip to Helsinki Finland for Nokia OpenLab08, Situational Awareness at the DNC, and the launch of GeoEye


The California Geospatial Information Systems Task Force - Governor Schwarzenegger recently called for the creation of a task force to develop a statewide strategy to enhance the technology for environmental protection, natural resource management, traffic flow, emergency preparedness and response, land use planning and health and human services. Just this week the Sate has announced the members that will make up this important task force. Led by State Chief Information Officer Teri Takai and Chief Deputy Christy Quinlan, the task force will present the Governor with a strategic plan for statewide coordination within 90 days.


See the World in real-time with Earthcam - EarthCam (www.earthcam.com) is the world's favorite webcam network and we can see why! The owner-operator of hundreds of network cameras, EarthCam delivers live images of major tourism destinations to consumers in 182 countries, enabling users to view real-time images from famous destinations like the Space Needle, Bondi Beach, Red Square, and Ground Zero in New York. Looking for extreme weather cams or traffic cameras? You'll find it all here at this awesome resource. EarthCam provides complete infrastructure services to manage, host and maintain live streaming video camera systems for its consumers and corporate clients. A great resource for you summer travelers.

ESRI UC 2008 news, announcements, and updates - Visit our dedicated 2008 International ESRI UC homepage for the latest news, announcements, tips, articles, images, and more. If your company has an announcement to share about your attendance at the conference please be sure to submit details to press @ gisuser.


GISuser Spotlight... Autodesk and Bentley to Advance AEC Software Interoperability - Ok, now I've seen it all (almost) as Autodesk and Bentley recently held a joint PR event announcing their efforts to team up and bolster their collective efforts for interoperability... wow! From the PR... Through supporting the reciprocal use of their available APIs, Autodesk and Bentley will enable AEC project teams to combine products from both providers within integrated workflows. For instance, a design team could use a mixture of Autodesk and Bentley software, such as Autodesk's Revit platform and Bentley's STAAD and RAM structural products, and simulate and analyze their designs or manage project information using Autodesk NavisWorks software or Bentley's ProjectWise.

Aerodata buys first 2 of the newly launched Vexcel Ultracam-Xp digital camera systems - Aerodata International Surveys (Antwerp, Belgium) and Vexcel Imaging GmbH (Graz, Austria) have announced a purchase agreement under which Aerodata will become the first customer for 2 of the newly launched 196 megapixel Ultracam-X prime (UCXp) large format digital frame camera. 


GISuser Spotlight... Apple iPhone 3G Location-Aware (LBS) apps + a few others! - Ok, you've got your shiny, new 3G Apple iPhone... now what?? It lacks a memory expansion slot, high-res digital camera, video, and the 3G network, well... is spotty. If you said so what to these features then to start, you'll need to get familiar with the Apple iStore, this is where you'll find loads of applications, many of them are cool, location-aware applications taking advantage of the devices' integrated GPS. Read on for some cool, suggested apps, many are location-aware, some are simply must have! Did you grab a new iPhone 3G? If so then be sure to check out the WHERE widgets app. for iPhone from the Apple Store along with some of these must-have apps.

TOP news... GeoEye-1 Earth-Imaging Satellite Begins Final Launch Preparations - In preparation for its scheduled launch on Aug. 22, 2008, the 4,300-pound satellite was transported by GeoEye's prime contractor, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems from its manufacturing facility in Gilbert, Ariz. to VAFB.


GISuser Spotlight... Software Review: Adapx Digital Pen and Capturx for ArcGIS - Writing things down is a powerful form of expression going back thousands of years. For field engineers accustomed to gathering around a paper map and penciling annotations, bridging the gap between digital and tangible seemed a distant dream until recently. On the GIS side, the pen will be a natural for updating the sheets in order to maintain mapbooks. Read on for more about this exciting Digital Pen Technology from Adaptx and Capturx for ArcGIS 


GISuser EDU Spotlight... Educating the Next GIS Generation - What do Starbucks, Wal-Mart, the U.S. Military, the Mississippi Department of Transportation, and NVision Solutions have in common? They all hire student Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists to solve spatial problems. Read on to see howNVision Solutions helps these organizations as well as many others use GIS technology in new and innovative ways to address modern challenges. So who are these students, where are they from, and what brings them together?

TOP news... Locago now available to the public with an open API - Idevio, a leading provider of web and mobile map solutions has announced the public launch of Locago, a free mobile map browser with an open interface to third party content and services. Locago is both an end-application and a developer tool that enables mobile mash-ups.


Follow hurricane updates via Wundermap - Weather Underground, the nation's first online provider of weather related content, recently announced the availability of a new hurricane-tracking product on its web site. WunderMap displays the current position, strength and movement of every tropical storm across the world that threatens to become a hurricane, typhoon or cyclone. Users can currently view Tropical Storm Dolly's historical path, moving across the Gulf of Mexico. WunderMap displays: the current position, Dolly's historical path, the storm's projected path and strength. 

GISuser "Green" Spotlight... Climate Change Vulnerability Index - This newly released Maplecroft Climate Change Risk Report includes the first-ever climate change vulnerability index and a set of best-to-worst rankings for more than 168 countries worldwide. The report finds many of the world's biggest CO2 emitters are also the countries least vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Despite being the biggest emitter, the United States is the 12th least vulnerable to climate change. And Canada is the best haven from climate change. The report also includes GIS maps of climate change vulnerability.


GISuser Device Spotlight... Highlights from the Oc‚ ColorWave 600 event - Recently, myself and several other industry analysts and journalists were hosted at an informal press event in Chicago at the headquarters of Oc‚. This was no normal PR event, rather this was a chance to get a first look at a new product and a new, innovative technology. The focus of the day long event was the new Oc‚ ColorWave 600 and Oc‚'s new, patented, Crystal Point Technology. (think the best of solid toner and inkjet

2008 International ESRI User Conference Notes - A recap of Implementing GIS on the web - More notes from the recent ESRI User Conference -- In a presentation titled "Implementing GIS on the web", Clint Brown provided a Tuesday AM wake-up discussion on what's happening in the web world and what opportunities are being created. For more news and reports from the ESRI UC see here - for images see here, for video clips see here

Video - A Look at ArcPad 7.1 and a Sneak Peek at ESRI ArcPad 7.2 - At the 2008 International ESRI User Conference in San Diego, CA, the ArcPaD developer team provided attendees with a glimpse of what's coming in the next release of ArcPad (think mobile GIS) at R7.2. Developer lead, Elvin Slavik, provides details in this video. We also provide details of what's new in release 7.1, what's coming in 7.2, and a video clip from the presentation. For more on what's coming at 9.4 in ArcGIS see these conference notes, ArcGIS at 9.4 the Road Ahead. Interested in some ArcGIS time savers? See these notes, ArcGIS crashed on stage = Top time saver moment

GISuser Application Spotlight... ERDAS TITAN 2009 - ERDAS announced the release of ERDAS TITAN 2009, providing more flexibility for sharing data. ERDAS TITAN 2009 supports additional services and provides true interoperability to the leading geospatial solutions, including ERDAS IMAGINEr, ERDAS Image Web Server, ERDAS APOLLO and ArcGIS. Already capable of consuming the ECWP produced in ERDAS Image Web Server, ERDAS TITAN now also can transform the ECWP into a WMS. Support has been added for querying a catalog and accessing layers made available as web services in ERDAS APOLLO.

Google MyMaps fun - Create a map, embed geo-tagged photos - It's simple to Create a Google MyMap, add your flickr photos from a Mapplet, then embed in your website. Here's a short tutorial to show you how simple it actually is. We'll create a custom google MyMap, add a Mapplet, embed some photos from our flickr account, save the map, and embed it within a website (in this article)... no problemmo! To finish I'll offer up a couple of photo geotagging tools for those of you with GPS-enabled cell phones and a tool for mannual geotagging for those with no access to GPS. If you enjoy Google maps, flickr, and geotagging photos then this tutorial is for you! Article from last year but still relevant and loads of fun. 

GISuser Spotlight... Geospatial Technology Videos - A relatively new addition to our site archives is our growing video collection - Note: I still have over 100+ clips to browse though on my notebook! View video clips showing the latest demos, applications, devices, and services that are taking advantage of GIS, Geospatial technologies and mobile location-based services. Interested in submitting your video? Simply send details to info at gisuser.com - Remeber, a picture may be worth a thousand words but a video clip is priceless!

GISuser Spotlight... Situational Awareness and GIS at the Democratic Convention (DNC) in Denver - Now, after all the planning, it's time to put the plan into action. Indeed there was a pretty huge police presence on the 16th Street mall yesterday and no doubt that was just the tip of the iceberg. We look back to October 07 as the city of Denver was forced to put into place a full-scale security plan as the Nation's eyes turned to the city for 2 games of the 2007 World Series. Then in November 2007, city leaders and experts from around the country got together at the 07 ESRI Homeland Security Summit. That's where we first heard from Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and Director of Emergency Management, Justin DeMello, about the city's plans for security at the DNC.

HUGE news... ESRI's New ArcGIS API for Flex Improves the Look and Feel of Web Mapping Applications - ArcGIS API for Flex is integrated with Adobe Flex Builder 3 and can be downloaded for free from ESRI. Flex is a client-side technology that is rendered by Flash Player 9 or Adobe AIR.

GISuser Spotlight... More WOW Technologies and down-right cool stuff on the floor at the 2008 ESRI UC - On the floor at the ESRI user conference... It's always a flurry of activity and it's always one of my favorite things to do at the UC. Browsing the exhibition hall floor and seeing all the great new apps, gadgets, and solutions while getting the low-down directly from the ESRI partners and solution providers. Read on for details of just a few of the great things we found on the floor at the 2008 International ESRI User Conference including some cool pics and a few video demos.

GISuser Spotlight... NAIP 2008 Imagery Makes its Debut in Texas at TNRIS - The 2008-2009 NAIP imagery acquisition is in production and the first round of products is arriving at TNRIS - A collaborative partnership among state agencies and several technical contributing partners is creating a new statewide aerial map for Texas. The project is based on a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Services Agency and Texas. This project is acquiring imagery for the entire state in two phases. The first phase is designed to keep pace with the agricultural growing season as it migrates from South Texas to the Panhandle.


GISuser Spotlight... On the Spot GIS: Geospatial Technologies Make Image-Based Mapping Truly Mobile - Companies that earn their money by extracting resources from below the ground have an enormous amount of work to do on the Earth's surface before they can ever sink a spade or lower a drill bit, and most of that work is simply establishing an accurate picture of what that surface looks like. Technologies converging in the mapping space, such as global positioning systems, portable geospatial hardware, and image compression, are making field mapping considerably easier, and big companies such as Chevron and Enbridge are taking advantage of the benefits.

GISuser Spotlight... GeoEye-1 Takes Flight - GeoEye-1 - Visualize home plate on a baseball diamond from Space! - Imagine, at a total cost of some $502 million to date, GeoEye-1 is now in orbit after a launch this past week-end. Recall GeoEye-1 is part of a $500-million NextView contract awarded to ORBIMAGE (Now GeoEye) September 30, 2004. Expect the imagery to serve a wide array of applications for defense, national and homeland security, air and marine transportation, oil and gas, mining, mapping and location-based services, state and local government planning, insurance and risk management, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. Having an unrivaled spatial resolution of 0.41-meters, GeoEye-1 is designed to have three-meter accuracy, which means that customers can map natural and man-made features to within three meters of their actual locations on the surface of the Earth without ground control points. This level of accuracy is unsurpassed. At 0.41-meter resolution, GeoEye-1 would be able to 'see' home plate on a baseball diamond and be able to precisely locate it within three meters of its true location on the surface of the globe.

Mobile Mapping and Bicycle Street Views - Forget Street View... how about Geo-referenced Bike Views? - Sounds like fun to me! Apparently, there's a crew of flickr enthusiasts that are equipped with Nokia N95s (what else) and driving around, snapping photos and loading their geo-tagged imaged up to flickr... kind of a green solution to street view... awesome! So that got me thinking... given that some friends at Nokia in Helsinki just hooked me up with a cool bike mounted phone holder and a sweet Nokia Sports Tracker T-shirt, I think I may have to start logging a few miles on the bike and snapping and storing some geotagged bicycle street views from the N95 for myself! It's a simple, and fun task, gets me outside for some fresh air, and may just be a cool, green solution for field mapping projects that can help get around the high price of fuel and reduce carbon footprint at the same time too!


Forum Nokia contestGISuser Spotlight... Calling All Innovators! - Last week in New York at Web20, Nokia officially kicked off their next effort to lure developers into submitting the coolest, innovate, mobile applications for a chance to win some great prizes and recognition. The "Calling All Innovators" contest (www.callingallinnovators.com) challenges mobile application developers worldwide to create appss that will enhance the use of mobile devices in real world scenarios. Three categories are available: ECO-Challenge - apps that will work to minimize mobility's global environmental impact; Emerging Markets - opportunities for developers to imagine the possibilities of pioneering applications and services impacting the daily lives of millions in developing nations; Technology Showcase - create and showcase compelling, experience driven applications, using any technology that runs on Series 40 or S60 devices, such as Flash Lite, Java, Python, or open source.

Nokia OpenLab Workshop Videos - View the workshop introduction videos from the recently held Nokia Open Lab. Four main topisc were used in the workshops to kick-start some discussions on the future of mobility and social communication.

Just for iPhone users - Over on our sister site, LBSzone.com, we have a fine archive of announcements that are useful for iPhone users in search of way cool location-aware applications and tips... enjoy! 

GeoCommons Maker! discover geospatial data and mashup your own data to create and share your own maps - You may already be familiar with the cool, GeoCommons Finder! web service (http://finder.geocommons.com/) enabling users to discover a wealth of geospatial data being shared with the community. Well now, this week the developers will be rolling out even more functionality to the GeoCommons portfolio in a service called Maker! Using GeoCommons Maker!, users can create a user account, search and discover data, save their maps, and share them. Obviously, the key component of Maker! is the "create" component. Once logged in, creating your own map is a snap. Search the vast data holdings and preview data, then create a custom my by adding your own clever title, add data, them your data in a number of ways, select a base map of choice from a number of open data providers.

More Best of GISuser 2008:


Last Updated ( 31 December 2008 )
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