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Spotlights on Data
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Date Item Title Author Hits
23 August 2013 Need Data? Check out the WeoGeo Autodesk InfraWorks Data Market glenn 1228
25 January 2013 US Census Bureau and TIGER Data Download Services and Resouces glenn 1550
13 October 2012 The Truth About Big Data StoredIQ, Inc. 1052
09 December 2009 GIS Data Tip - 2009 TIGER / Line SHP Files @gisuser 3418
23 September 2009 AggData (aggregate data) serving up data products to enhance your map or mashup Glenn Letham (@gletham) 4813
03 March 2009 Updating the State GIS Spatial Data Repositories glenn 6443
22 January 2009 Spotlight on Imagery - More cool 3D imagery of Washington D.C via ImageScape (DigitalGlobe) Glenn Letham (@gletham) 3212
10 December 2008 Free Data Tip - 2008 TIGER/Line Shapefiles GISuser 8772
14 November 2008 California State Data Clearinghouse and Free California GIS Data Sources GISuser 8890
11 November 2008 ARKANSAS Geospatial Data Clearinghouses and State Data Repositories Glenn Letham 7730
06 November 2008 State GIS Data Spotlight - Arizona State GIS Clearinghouses and GIS Data Repositories GISuser 10853
30 October 2008 State GIS Data Spotlight - Alaska Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Glenn Letham 10416
28 October 2008 Free GIS Data resources for Alabama (Oct 2008) Glenn Letham 15960
02 September 2008 Spotlight - NAIP 2008 Imagery Makes its Debut in Texas at TNRIS TNRIS 6082
24 April 2008 National Geographic Opens the Doors to Geospatial Data glenn 6773
25 July 2007 Spotlight on TerraLook - Satellite imagery from the USGS to view a changing world USGS 9154
27 June 2007 GeoImmersive video from IMC - Terrestrial Views From Every Angle Glenn LEtham (GISuser) 11175
06 June 2007 Discover. View. Share. Retrieve... with TITAN Glenn Letham (GISuser) 9330
23 May 2007 Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data - download, connect, or stream into Google Earth Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 43155
09 February 2007 Cities From Space - Landsat Images at your fingertips! Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 7664
23 January 2007 NLCD 2001 - nationwide land cover at 30-meter resolution Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 12786
03 November 2006 A reminder About the USGS seamless data server Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 7723
27 August 2006 Gigateway provides access to geospatial information in the UK Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 8048
01 August 2006 2005 ACS Data for Gulf Coast Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 5638
23 June 2006 Minister Lunn Announces $2.4 Million for Satellite Imaging NRCan 5783
21 June 2006 Texas Hazard Mitigation Package (THMP) is a free online resource Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 6680
17 May 2006 West Virginia State GIS Technical Center Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 4922
11 May 2006 North American Transportation Atlas Data Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 6490
12 March 2006 Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) A Census of Marine Life Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 12954
02 February 2006 NOAA Office of Coast Survey Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 5035
28 January 2006 MAPdataUSA 3.0 enhanced US Census TIGER data Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 4840
18 January 2006 The ARIA Project Providing Imagery for Arizona Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 5980
10 January 2006 Mapdex... the place to search for geographic data Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 8811
13 December 2005 New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN) Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 5895
23 October 2005 Michigan Center for Geographic Information (CGI) Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 5764
18 October 2005 Vermont Center For Geographic Information (VCGI) Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 5439
23 September 2005 Texas Hazard Mapping & Mitigation Program Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 6979
26 August 2005 Track Storm Flooding in Real-Time USGS 14479
25 August 2005 Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC) Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 4791
23 August 2005 TNRIS... maps, information, and digital data for the state of Texas Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 6176
12 August 2005 Tennessee Federal GIS Data Server Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 4366
05 August 2005 Central Florida GIS Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 6650
19 July 2005 Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF) - University of Maryland Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 7663
15 July 2005 DigitalGlobe targets CitySphere at GIS users & planners Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 4907
13 July 2005 South Dakota State GIS Node Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 5248
06 July 2005 Processed SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Data (DEM) for the Entire Globe Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 7223
24 June 2005 Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS) Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 4850
22 June 2005 Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office (GEO) Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 4531
21 June 2005 The California Geographical Survey at CSU, Northridge Dr William Bowen 4836
31 May 2005 Oklahoma State Geo Information Systems Glenn Letham (GISuser editor) 5294
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    Suggested GISuser Mashup Resources:

    Top Mashup Features:

     Tutorial: Create a Google MyMap, add your flickr photos from a Mapplet, then embed in your website - As of this week, adding a Google map, or even better, your Google "MyMaps", to your webpage is a snap. You know how simple it is to embed a youTube video into your blog? Well, it's that simple. Here's a short tutorial to show you how simple it can be. We'll create a custom google MyMap, add a Mapplet, embed some photos from our flickr account, save the map, and embed it within a website... no problemmo! To finish I'll offer up a couple of photo geotagging tools for those of you with GPS-enabled cell phones and a tool for mannual geotagging for those with no access to GPS. If you enjoy Google maps, flickr, and geotagging photos then this tutorial is for you!

    Google Earth 101 - Using the Image Overlay Tool in Google Earth - In this article you will learn how to use the image overlay functionality provided in Google Earth to import existing images into the 3D display and drape them over the existing terrain.  Many image file formats can be displayed in Google Earth including jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, tga, png, and a number of others. 

    Google MyMaps + TakItWithMe + Garmin Communicator API = WOW! Every once in a while an application comes along that makes you sit back and say... WOW! TakItWithMe is a new service for uploading Google My Maps and Google Earth KML content to Garmin and other handheld devices.  TakItWithMe is a free service and supports most Garmin hand-held devices by leveraging the newly announced Garmin Communicator API. 

    Integrating ArcGIS and Google Earth: Analyzing Patterns in Geographic Data through Time The trilogy of how-to articles has become one of the most popular tutorials to date at GISuser.com. Moving forward, we're pleased to pick up where we left off and offer another fine article from author Eric Pimpler, this one focuses on the integration of ArcGIS and Google Earth and looks at enhancements found in Google Earth 4 like the introduction of the new Time control... enjoy!

     City Tours, photos, maps, reviews, and Schmapplets from your desktop Schmap 2.0 (Beta) With the busy summer travel season upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere there's a strong demand for travel maps... enter Schmap! This amazing resource offers up free travel guides/maps that enable you to easily explore virtually any major destination on the planet.

    A Look at the Geocoding Functionality Build Into Google Maps API V2  When the Google Maps API was released in early 2005, one of the most notable omissions was the ability to geocode addresses.  This posed more of an inconvenience that anything else as there are many geocoding APIs available from various sources, some of which are free to use. 

     Lat49 A Mashup Advertising Engine to help monetize map mashups - Google has laid the foundation for map mashup development -- more tools, more exposure... etc... Now there's a solution from LAT49 (Beta) to help put more cash in the pockets of developers and map publishers.

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    Welcome to the Autodesk Zone where we're pleased to provide Spotlights, Features, Reviews, and articles focused on Autodesk products, applications and solutions. Read on for more about Autodesk MAP 3D, MapGuide, DWF, Autodesk University and more.

    Check out the Podcasts from Autodesk U in the AU Beat

    GISuser.com's Autodesk University 2005 photoset GISuser.com's AU 2005 photoset

    Recent Autodesk Features:

    Autodesk at 25 Years, the Autodesk Timeline and some of my favorite AutoCAD moments - In 25 years that tiny company has grown to over 5,000 employees in 33 countries, with product offerings spanning a variety of industries, from architecture to civil engineering to computer animated graphics. Read  on for some of the best Autodesk articles featured here at GISuser over the years.

    Autodesk’s Enterprise Solutions, 2008 - Welcome Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2008, TopoBase 2008 - This commercial product offering, built on the same architecture as the Open Source Autodesk MapGuide, was announced alongside the official release of Autodesk TopoBase 2008 – an enterprise-scale solution with several vertical application modules. The company is now making a “splash” with the official launch of these two enterprise solutions.

    GISuser Spotlight... 10 Cool reasons to migrate to MapGuide Enterprise - Based on MapGuide Open Source, Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise offers simple deployment and helps streamline the development of web-based mapping applications. Did you know that Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise also allows users to directly publish MapGuide maps and layers to Google Earth? Available with two viewing choices, the DWF-based viewer supports Microsoft Windows XP and other common Windows systems while the AJAX viewer uses Asynchronous JavaScript and XML to deliver maps and spatial data to the browser.

    Realizing The Possibilities of Autodesk Map 3D in Denver - The event served to inform users and would-be users about the possibilities brought about by using the latest apps - in my case, I took in the Geospatial track which looked at the GIS solutions - AutoCAD Map 3D, Raster Design, MapGuide, and Design Review.

    Conference Review: Agents of Change (Autodesk UC 2006) - 7,500 Autodesk `agents of change' (this year's theme) attended AU 2006, a 40% increase over 2005. They represented 60 countries and 3,000 firms and, according to my informal and inadequate survey, a large proportion of them were architects trying desperately to get a handle on Revit, Autodesk's `building design and documentation system'. (from our sister site at Amerisurv.com)

    Share Spatial Information Across Your Organization With Topobase 2007 -Autodesk recently announced the availability of Topobase 2007. To understand where this solution comes from you'll need to go back to the 2005 Autodesk acquisition of c-Plan. Already well established with a strong European user base, TopoPlan enables users to see the big picture and make better decisions, improve data quality and inefficient processes, and perhaps most import, provides for efficient sharing of spatial information across departments.

    Search GISuser for Autodesk News / Autodesk on AnyGeo Blog / Images from AU 05 / Images from AU 03 / Autodesk on Technorati / Autodesk DIGGs / Autodesk on YouTube

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